AP de Silv
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AP de Silv  教授 
  Professor of Chemistry, Queen’s University of Belfast,1997-
Reader in Chemistry, Queen’s University of Belfast, 1991-97
Lecturer in Chemistry, Queen’s University of Belfast, 1986-91
Lecturer in Chemistry, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, 1980-86
Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Organic Chemistry, Queen’s University of Belfast, 1979-80
Assistant Lecturer in Chemistry, University of Sri Lanka, Colombo Campus, 1975-76

  Fluorescent Sensors and Logic Gates

  1. Editorial Board, Chemical Society Reviews, 1999-2004
2. Visiting Research Professor, Institute of Fundamental Studies, Kandy, Sri Lanka, 2000-
3. Section Editor, ‘Molecular-level Electronics’ in ‘Balzani’s Electron Transfer in Chemistry’, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, Germany, 2001
4. Editorial Board, Journal of Fluorescence, 2002-
5. Member, Royal Irish Academy, 2002-
6. Monkasho/British Council Visiting Professor, Nara Women’s University, Japan, 2003
7. Visiting Professor, Universite de Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France, 2004
8. British Council High School Seminar Speaker, Nara and Tokyo, Japan, 8-16 January2004
9. Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2004-
10. Guest Co-Editor, Journal of Materials Chemistry,  Themed issue on fluorescent sensors, 2005


  1. Avecia Ltd
 “The Anchoring of Fluorescent Sensors in Organic Polymer Environments”
 UK£11,700 1/10/99-30/9/02
2.  European Community
 “Human Potential - Research Training Network on Molecular-Level Devices and  Machines”
 EU176,765 ca1/3/02-31/12/04
3.  Procter & Gamble Eurocor N.V.. (Brussels, Belgium)
 “Monitoring Free Calcium/Magnesium Concentrations Through the Wash via Sensors”
 UK£83,750 1/11/02-31/10/04
4.  Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (with K. Iwai as co-investigator)
 “Synthesis of Fluorogenic Sensors and Logic Gates and Application to Macromolecular Systems”
 UK£101,000 (66% to be spent at Queen’s)  1/4/03-31/3/05
5.  EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation / Invest NI
 “Molecular Nanotechnologies: for Sensing/Swiching and Logic Operations”
 UK£81,352  ca1/5/03-30/4/05
6.  European Social fund
 “Molecular Logic Gates Bound to Solids”
 UK£25,000  1/9/02-31/8/05
7.  British Council Grant for High School Seminars in Japan
 “Messages From Molecules; Optical Signalling Systems”
 UK£3,620  9/1/04-15/1/05
8.    EU COST Programme D19/008/03 working group
 "Design, Preparation and Control of Nanodevices using Light".
 UK£500+  20/2/04-
9. Deutsche Akademische Austausch Dienst (with J. Vyle as principal investigator)
 "Synthesis and Applications of Photoswitchable L-Ribozymes".
 UK£18,000  01/3/04-28/2/05
10.  Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
 “Nanoenvironment Photosensing and Chemical Computation in Membranes and Oligonucleotides”
UK£50,000 (returned, since the Fellow also won an Assistant Professorship at the University of Tokyo)  1/4/05-31/3/07