2019 Undergraduate Teaching Steering Committee meeting of School of Pharmacy was held successfully

In the afternoon of April 10th, 2019 Undergraduate Teaching Steering Committee meeting of School of Pharmacy was held in Conference Room 420 of 18th Experimental Building in East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST). The meeting was presided by Prof. Guobin Ren, the Vice President of School of Pharmacy. Ms. Qing Zhang, the Secretary of the Party Committee, gave the first speech. She, on behalf of our School, warmly welcomed two experts from pharmaceutical enterprises to attend the meeting. She mentioned that the School of Pharmacy has been paid high attention to undergraduate education. Our high-priority job is to strengthen the three undergraduate specialties. With opportunities and challenges coexisting, it is hoped that the committee will make joint effects to enhance the quality of undergraduate education with moral construction implemented.

Prof. Weiping Deng, on behalf of pharmaceutical sciences, introduced the revision of the 2019 Undergraduate Program of Pharmacy from four aspects: major description, teaching faculty, training programs, problems and deficiencies. Prof. Feng Gao, on behalf of Pharmaceutics Preparation, informed the revision of the 2019 Undergraduate Program of Pharmaceutics Preparation in the four aspects of the general situation of major, the status of major development, training programs, and major features; Prof. Fuzheng Ren, on behalf of Pharmaceutical Engineering, reported the revision of the 2019 Undergraduate Program of Pharmaceutical Engineering in several aspects, such as the core concept of training program revision, curriculum system, teaching staff and so on.

Prof. Guobin Ren summarized the development and progress of our undergraduate education in 2018 and emphasized the key work in 2019. Subsequently, committee had a passionate discussion.

Ms. Xuelin Yin, the general manager of Boehringer Ingelheim Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. claimed that it is a good idea of decreased requirements for the credits in every specialty to reduce the burden on students, offering them more time to think deeply. She, on behalf of company, is willing to contribute to the training programs and provide internship positions. Her company also has set a number of self-designed courses, including business management courses and corresponding professional courses. They are longing to strengthen the cooperation about education of students and discipline construction with the School of Pharmacy. Mr. Yaotao, Zhang, the director of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co.,Ltd. and the deputy director of Manufacturing Management Center, pointed out that students should have not only scientific spirit, but also humanistic feelings. The enterprise can provide help from various aspects, such as internship positions. The off-campus tutorials will be strictly examined and essential subjects will be provided.

To the end, Prof. Guobin Ren made a summary and thanked business representatives for their participation in the discussions of the training project, and for their constructive comments. We hope to strengthen cooperation in the future. We will make unremitting efforts to the talent cultivation in our school.