Undergraduate Student Programs

Pharmaceutical Sciences (since 2006)

On the basis of the disciplines of chemistry and biology, this program is aimed to cultivate students with specialized knowledge and basic skills for pharmaceutical industries and research institutions. The faculty team of the program consists of 30 professors and 17 associate professors, including famous professors from Shanghai Institute of Material Medica (SIMM), Chinese Academy of Sciences. Many of the faculties have oversea educational background and research experiences.

The main courses include modern fundamental chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, natural medicinal chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, pharmacology, pharmaceutical analysis, drug screening, drug design, and pharmaceutical experimental courses.

Pharmaceutical Engineering (since 1953)

The pharmaceutical engineering program that began when the University was founded in 1952, was the first pharmaceutical engineering program in China. The program is an integrated applied technical discipline which involves pharmaceutical research, development and production. It covers the areas of chemical, pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine, and biomedicine.

The main courses of the program include organic chemistry, physical chemistry, chemical engineering principles, engineering drawing, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmacology, pharmaceutical engineering, pharmaceutical technology, drug synthesis, and pharmaceutical engineering experimental courses.

 Pharmaceutical Preparation (since 1994)

This program possesses a capable and experienced faculty team, consisting of 3 professors and 6 associate professors. More than 400 undergraduates have been graduated from this program ever since its foundation. The main courses include organic chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering principles, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmacology, industrial pharmaceutics, biopharmaceutics, and pharmaceutical preparation experiments.