Educational Center for Pharmaceutical Experiments

I. Development history

In 1952, the major of chemical pharmacy was set up at the beginning of the university, along with the professional laboratory of chemical pharmacy. Subsequently, the major of chemical pharmacy was renamed as pharmaceutical engineering major, and the corresponding professional laboratory was also renamed as pharmaceutical engineering professional laboratory. In 1993, the major of  pharmaceutical preparation was established,and the laboratory of pharmaceutical engineering managed the experimental teaching of pharmaceutical engineering and pharmaceutical preparation, belonging to the chemical experiment center of the school of chemistry and pharmacy. In June 2006, the pharmaceutical experimental teaching center was established to manage the experimental teaching of the three majors of pharmaceutical engineering, pharmaceutical preparation and pharmacy in the school of pharmacy. In August 2013, the pharmaceutical experimental teaching center was relocated to new campus as a whole in Fengxian. The central laboratory is now located on the 7th laboratory building of Fengxian experimental campus.

II. The central team

Since its establishment, pharmaceutical experimental teaching center, under the strong support of the college, has made full use of all aspects of the college's strength, established a high level experimental teaching team led by the discipline responsibility professor, with the participation of associate professors and lecturers, and with the strong cooperation of laboratory technicians. At present, the center has 21 experimental instructors, including 4 professors, 15 associate professors, 2 lecturers and 7 teaching assistants. 100% of the experimental instructors have a doctor's degree, and more than 90% of them have the title of vice senior or above.

III. Hardware facilities of the center

After several times of construction of varying scales, the pharmaceutical experimental teaching center has begun to take shape. The center now has a laboratory area of about 1,500 square meters and fixed assets of about 11 million yuan. Precision instruments for drug research include high performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, gc-ms, infrared spectrometer, high precision polarimeter, intelligent dissolver, laser particle size meter, PCR instrument, fluorescence inverted microscope, etc.

IV. Open the central laboratory

In order to better serve the teaching and promote the construction of the school, the pharmaceutical department hosts an experimental teaching center, which, in addition to undergraduate professional experiments, opens the laboratory to college students in various forms, and gives full play to the benefits of the laboratory. The center implements the principle of "teaching students in accordance with their aptitude and emphasizing practical results", and determines the open content according to the requirements of students at different levels. The common open forms include laboratory visit, innovative experiment and instrument training, as well as various short term innovative experiments and interesting open experiments.

V. The central specialized experimental teaching

Central specialized experimental teaching mainly aims at the college of medicine, pharmaceutical engineering, pharmaceutical preparations and carried out many kinds of professional course, with "drug design ─ ─ drugs (intermediates) preparation identified ─ ─ the structure and the properties of the pharmacological ─ ─ pharmaceutical engineering" as the mainline, pharmaceutical design experiment, pharmaceutical chemistry experiment, pharmacognosy experiment and pharmaceutical analysis experiment and so on are established and arranged in different semesters according to different majors and grades.