Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department of pharmaceutical sciences was founded in September, 2004. Pharmaceutical sciences program which is in the charge of the department of pharmaceutical sciences was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2005 and the first enrollment began in 2006. On the basis of the disciplines of chemistry and biology, this program is aimed to cultivate students with specialized knowledge and basic skills for pharmaceutical industries and research institutions. The main courses include modern fundamental chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, natural medicinal chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, pharmacology, pharmaceutical analysis, drug screening, drug design, and pharmaceutical experimental courses. The students will get the certification of Bachelor of Science after 4 years’ study.

The faculty team of the program consists of 35 teachers, including 16 professors and 12 associate professors. Most of the faculties have oversea educational background and research experiences. Many of them have acquired various titles of talents. The research fields of the faculties involve biophysical chemistry, drug design, medicinal chemistry, drug screening, pharmacology, chemical biology, and so on.